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Anhydrous Ammonia, NH3 Safety Hoses
List of manufacturers of anhydrous ammonia safety hoses, anhydrous ammonia fittings, pumps, valves, anhydrous ammonia tubing and gauges. Shown below are manufacturers that make anhydrous ammonia safety hoses.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan US
616-241-1611 Website
Blackmer's farm and agriculture products include anhydrous ammonia (anh3) pumps, strainers, fittings and hoses.Blackmer, that manufactures farm and agriculture products, is the leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquid and

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Colby, Kansas US
800-255-8280 Email Website
Golden Plains Ag Tech farm and agriculture products include anhydrous ammonia (ANH3) equipment, anhydrous ammonia pumps, anhydrous ammonia tubing, anhydrous ammonia manifolds, anhydrous ammonia valves, anhydrous ammonia meters, anhydrous ammonia knives and anhydrous ammonia hoses, sunflower liftrods

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Dallas, Texas US
800-345-8105 or 214-357-4591 Email Website
Squibb-Tayor's farm and agriculture products include anhydrous ammonia (NH3) equipment, adapters, valves, couplings, gauges, meters and hoses.Suibb-Taylor has farm and agriculture products that have been serving Anhydrous Ammonia industry for over 50 years. Squibb-Taylor is responsible for the

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Smart-Hose Technologies

Pennsylvania US
The Smart-Hose Technologies system represents an engineered and patented anhydrous ammonia safety hose assembly for tanks and other equipment. Valve

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