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Norstar Industries
Norstar Industries
Morris, Manitoba Canada
855-746-8200 or 763-242-4164 Email Website Local Dealers
Norstar Industries is a manufacturer of premium quality grain handling equipment which includes: farms series u-trough bin unloaders and tubes, bucket elevators, commercial sweeps and overhead systems. Our plant is strategically located near the geographical centre of North America giving us the ability to efficiently distribute and service our clients as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

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Corydon, Iowa US
800-245-9093 Email Website
Shivvers company's farm and agriculture equipment includes bin sweeps, grain augers, direct drive augers, commercial grain augers, transfer augers, load out augers, grain aeration accessories, aeration grain bin roof vents, grain bin heaters, grain bin fans, grain bin doors, grain bin floors, continuous flow grain dryers, grain moisture & temperature monitors, grain bin pressure gauges and grain drying control systems.The Shivvers Performance System delivers maximum drying capacity usin

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