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Manure Management Equipment

Manure Mangement Equipment

Ag Equipment Directory includes manure management equipment, manure storage equipment, flush valves, seperators, lagoon pumps, vertical pumps, tank agitators and aerators, farm manure spreaders, and fertilizer equipment and etc.

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Vaughan Company
Vaughan Company
Montesano, Washington US
888-249-2467 or 360-249-4042 Email Website
Jim Vaughan invented the first chopper pumps back in 1960, Vaughan Company, after working on local dairymen's pumps in his repair shop and realizing the need to "chop" the solids while pumping. Since then, Vaughan Company chopper pumps have been successfully applied on dairies where high reliability and low maintenance are demanded. Farm and agriculture products include manure management equipment and manure chopper pumps. Applications for Vaughan chopper pumps on dairies included: Barn Flush Pit Separator Feed Lagoons Digester Mixing Scraped Manure Manure Management Equipment. Vaughan Company is located in Montesano, Washington.

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Paris, Texas US
903-785-5531 or 800-527-1030 Email Website
Agpro Inc.'s dairy, farm and agriculture equipment includes manure management equipment, manure storage equipment, manure flush valves, manure separators, manure tank agitators and aerators, manure spreaders, manure horizontal pumps, manure vertical pumps, manure lagoon pumps, fertilizer equi

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