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Haven, Kansas US
620-465-2204 Email Website
Kincaid's farm and agriculture products include: THE FOLLOWING SEED REARCH EQUIPMENT: PLANTERS, DRILLS, TWIN-PLOT COMBINES, BELT THRESHERS, BUNDLE THRESHERS, PEANUT THRESHERS AND PLOT COMBINES. HYDROSEEDERS, STRAW BLOWERS, STRAW CRIMPERS AND LANDSCAPING HYDROSEEDERS AND STRAW BLOWERSSeed Research Equipment Solutions LLC (SRES) designs, builds and modifies agriculture seed research equipment.SRES has developed an all new research plot planter. Custom built with hydraulic drive, adjustable se

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Seed Research Equipment Solutions
Hutchinson, Kansas US
877-357-7737 Email Website
SRES is the only research planter manufacturer that concentrates totally on research plot planting! When you focus all of your energies and attention to doing one thing, then you know you do it very well indeed. SRES does ONE THING and we do it RIGHT!SRES is a leader in setting industry trends. In 2000, we revolutionized the industry by unveiling the SRES AdvancedG?? Series plot planter. This planter gave researchers a way to plant more seed faster, with more accuracy than ever before.SRES saw t

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Salt Lake City, Utah US
801-355-6550 Email Website
Wintersteigher farm and agriculture products include research plot equipment including combines, harvesters, drills, planters, seeders, threshers & shellers and research laboratory equipment.

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