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Highline Mfg.

CFR 650 Feed-Chopper Metered Grain Insertion System

Efficient Processing Place processed feed in a windrow in the field. Feeding cattle in the field reduces corral cleaning costs in spring. Nutrients from the manure benefit the field. Place processed feed in a bunk. The Highline CFR650 gives processed, dry, full bunks that maximizes your cattle feed intake. Spread bedding bales up to 50 feet (15m) for an even and lofty spread. Quality bedding is created while using up to 50% less straw. Process one bale while carrying another on the forks. This saves time by allowing continued operation before having to load again. Loading a bale is a one person job from the tractor cab . The CFR650 unrolls and processes round bales with PTO-powered flails. This process blows away mold, dust and mildew. Feed is more palatable and reduces lung and digestive problems in the cattle. Straw is spread evenly to reduce bedding costs.